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Cars by Images is an independent online magazine (registered at the Court of Milan, Italy), which follows the automotive world and all its related industries. Cars by Images is not a generalist magazine. We choose news by evaluating its contents. We are writing about today cars, future cars, vintage cars, components, companies and techniques applied to the automotive world. We support ourselves exclusively with the advertising you find on this site.

Cars by Images, Italian and English: use the Google Translator if you need it

Cars by Images is a magazine written in Italian and English. Anyway, you can read the news in the language you prefer using the Google Translator that you find in the sidebar.

What you find on Cars by Images

We select news according to their content, but this does not prevent us from publishing even lighter topics, as long as they have a real interest for the automotive world. We can also provide support for the publication of editorials agreed with companies who want to share information about automotive world.

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If you want to contact us via mail you can use the following address: carsbyimages@icloud.com. We are open to advice and proposals and accept external publications, as long as they have interesting content aligned with those of Cars by Images. All the contributions you want to provide will be analyzed and, in case, approved and accepted, but completely free of charge. Besides the mail address above, you can contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the sidebar. If you are using a notebook, tablet or smartphone, the sidebar with the contact form is easily accessible by clicking on the pop-up menu at the top left of the Home Page. Scrolling down, you will find the contact form. On desktop computers, the sidebar is obviously already visible.

Comment freely on our articles

Cars by Images offers articles on different topics about the automotive world, trying not to leave out any important topic concerning an event, a company, a model, a workshop job, a character and, more generally, any information that may be of interest for the automotive world. We try to report the news as they are and as the company has issued them. At the bottom of each article, or even at the end of the summary of the single article on the Home Page, you will find the opportunity to comment the article with your impressions and experiences on the subject. All comments can be entered in three different forms: anonymous, with Google account or simply with a name. You can leave any kind of comment, as long as the discussion is kept on the level of good manners. This is why each comment is subject to approval by us. We will not censor anything, of course, except for those comments that go beyond the principle of respect and education towards other users and members of our team.

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